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Parchment silikonizirovanny
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Parchment silikonizirovanny

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We bring to your attention natural vegetable parchment with double-sided silicone covering, with stable wet strength and thermal stability (to 250 degrees).

The fir-tree, natural and renewable raw material from the Scandinavian woods forms basis for production of this paper. Unique barrier properties of our paper are reached by mechanical preparation of pulp, without participation of chemical additives, only the natural raw materials in combination with long-term experience and knowledge of paper technologies are used.

This parchment is used generally for pastries and preparation of foodstuff, and also for packaging of the fat-containing and deep-frozen foodstuff.

Thanks to high dividing properties parchment does not stick neither to the test, nor to form and by that prevents burning of low layer of the test and completely excludes use of margarine and fats for lubricant of baking sheets. What does it by ideal type of paper for preparation of dietary products and allows to bake confectionery with low caloric content, not containing cholesterol, etc. cancerogenic substances, i.e. promotes preservation of flavoring and useful properties bakery and confectionery, keeps health of the person.

One of unique features of this parchment is the possibility of its reusable use for pastries depending on temperature conditions from 5 to 8 and more times that brings long-term economic benefit.

Information is up-to-date: 01.04.2024

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